Hal Xheraj Joins Consensus

We are extremely proud to announce that Hal Xheraj has joined Consensus as our Global Director, Partnerships.

In this role, Hal will be responsible for liaising with our client-partnerships. In short, he will help our partners identify strategies for maximizing value from and for their human capital. This includes increasing capabilities and improving skills across the organization, as well as increasing employee engagement, productivity, and efficiencies. It also includes defining and meeting key objectives and KPIs.

Hal will serve as the primary intermediary between our clients and our internal team of subject matter experts to create customized solutions that ideally target the client’s unique contexts, challenges, and opportunities. He also will coordinate with our operations team to ensure that we meet partners’ scheduling preferences, and continue to support follow-on goals and ongoing needs.

Why Now?

This is newly created position within our firm. Historically, these responsibilities were shared by our team. But, as we experience ever-increasing growth – primarily as a result of referrals from an ever-increasing client base – we realize that a dedicated role is the best way for maintaining the quality of service we aspire to.

And, we are confident that Hal Xheraj is a great person to do this, and that is why he has joined Consensus.

Why Hal Xheraj

He combines more than fifteen years of experience in corporate training and development with senior-level experience at prominent Wall Street banks. The combination of experiences will give him a unique perspective in his Consensus role, adding value for our client-partners by informing his observations and recommendations, as well as grounding his advice in practicality with a focus on bottom-line results.

Despite the addition of Hal to our team, the rest of the Consensus team will remain available and involved in client interactions. Hal Xheraj joins Consensus simply as an additional resource for our partners.

We invite you to reach out to him!

Hal Xheraj
Global Director, Partnerships
+1 212.391.8100 ext. 120

Hal Xheraj Joins Consensus