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Consensus emphasizes the critical linkages between peace building, development, and humanitarian assistance in war-torn societies. With established national and international partners, we support the integration of effective conflict resolution skills, tools, and approaches into ongoing programming.

Programming/Project Evaluation


Let us help you identify the strengths and areas of improvement in your existing programs.

We combine years of experience in program design with field-tested, analytic insights to refine proposed plans and in-place projects, on your behalf.

Dispute Resolution Systems Design


Systems, methods and norms can either exacerbate conflict or provide resources to prevent escalation, resolve issues, and address root causes. Consensus brings years of experience in assessing needs and challenges in order to design customized dispute resolution systems to meet the needs of organizations and groups. Our designs include methodologies such as education, negotiation, mediation, and arbitration. These approaches are often linked to local and traditional forms of dispute resolution, when appropriate. From organizational conflict involving differences in perspectives and clashes of personalities, to national conflicts involving serious disputes over land and property, Consensus expertise lies in designing leading-edge approaches to maximize positive outcomes and minimize destructive discord.

Program/Project Design & Implementation


If you are considering a new program or project, Consensus can help.

We have experience in all aspects of programming, from concept development to program design to implementation. We have experience in working in all types of constellations – whether you are in need of someone to adopt a leadership role and coordinate and manage the efforts of different partner organizations, looking for a trusted resource to contribute by collaborating with others on a project, or seeking a provider that can deliver on all aspects of a program, we can provide results.

Conflict Resolution & Transformation


Consensus’ conflict resolution and transformation workshops develop the skills and approaches needed to effectively address conflicts that arise between people and among groups in organizations and communities. It is built around six conflict resolution core competencies, emphasizing self-awareness, conflict styles communication skills, perspective taking skills, and conflict analysis.

Most effective for: national and international staff, headquarters staff, local community and civil society leaders, government professionals.

Conflict Assessment & Conflict Sensitive Development


Consensus’ Peace Building & Conflict Sensitive Development™ workshop is designed for organizations and professionals working in environments challenged by destructive or violent conflict. It is highly customized, and is particularly suited for organizations delivering development and humanitarian assistance.

Peace Building & Conflict Sensitive Development™ emphasizes three key elements of a conflict sensitive framework:

1. How to foster interaction of development, humanitarian assistance, education, justice and rights, and conflict resolution initiatives for peace building;

2. How to develop capacities to do robust conflict and impact assessment, with a commitment to “Do No Harm”, mitigating potential conflict triggers in projects; and

3. How to identify, strengthen, and capitalize on local “peace capacities” – indigenous resources that must be engaged in the design and implementation of any programming intended to address conflict and support peace.

Most effective for: national and international staff, headquarters staff, and local community and civil society leaders.

Ideally geared for:


International organizations


Governments and governmental agencies

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