Negotiating on Your Behalf


Do you have a high-stakes negotiation that you can’t afford to lose?

Are you worried about leaving unclaimed value on the table?

Wouldn’t you sleep better at night knowing that you have a seasoned negotiation expert on your side?

We have negotiated everything from hostage situations to public mergers and acquisitions, and we can help you get the most out of all of your negotiations.

We’ll begin by meeting with you to explore, fully understand, and appreciate your needs and priorities. Then we’ll perform due diligence, both independently and with some help from you, to ensure that every advantage is realized at the negotiation table. Finally, we’ll leverage our experience and expertise while employing engagement-specific strategies in order to produce the most favorable deal terms on your behalf.

Yet, while we function as your representative, sitting alongside you or instead of you at the negotiation table, throughout the process we take steps to preserve your authority to make the decisions about potential outcomes – even though we do the talking, you still remain in control!

You will enjoy a number of benefits by turning to Consensus to negotiate on your behalf. Among the most obvious is the increased likelihood of consummating a deal with favorable terms. But it is those that are less obvious – like the flexibility it affords you to consider and evaluate proposed agreements without being pressured by the other side – that often prove themselves to be even more invaluable.

Perfect for:


Private placements

Real estate transactions

Buying/selling a business

Vendor/contractor agreements

Agency agreements

Would you represent yourself in court or would you use a third-party expert? Why would you treat your important negotiations any differently?!

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