October 20, 2015 (New York, NY)…Yesterday, Consensus hosted a by-invitation Having Challenging Conversations workshop for senior-level Training and Talent Development executives in New York City.

Training and Development executives from across a variety of industries gathered in Midtown Manhattan to attend the full-day workshop. It was attended by companies such as Interpublic Group, JPMorgan, and Time Warner.

“Sessions like these provide two benefits,” says Michael Rosenthal, Consensus’ managing partner. “First, it gives our firm an opportunity to give back to the Talent Development community. Second, it gives us a chance to showcase our training services to interested organizations.”

In fact, Consensus has run similar programs in the past – programs that have led to lucrative client relationships.

More information about Consensus’ negotiation workshops, communication skills workshops, challenging conversations workshops, and leadership development programs can be obtained at www.consensusgroup.com and by calling the company’s New York headquarters at (212) 391-8100.

About Consensus

Founded in 1993, Consensus is a privately-held negotiation and conflict resolution consulting firm that offers an array of highly-specialized services through three practice areas: Talent Development, Consulting, and Peace Building. A global company that is headquartered in New York, the firm helps private and public sector clients across all industries and organizational functions tackle some of their most critical negotiation and relational challenges.