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Stepping Into Their Shoes

In Training Magazine’s January/February 2014 issue, Consensus’ Stepping Into Their Shoes article shares practical advice for resolving conflict. Stepping into their Shoes A lot of our training – from Emotional Intelligence to Consultative Selling – promotes the idea [...]Read more
Training Magazine

Constructive Criticism for Managers

In Training Magazine’s July/August 2013 issue, Consensus’ Constructive Criticism for Managers article provides tips for managing up. Constructive Criticism for Managers Our organization touts the value of “coaching up”, yet our employees find it difficult to give [...]Read more
Training Magazine

The Right Way to Tell Clients They Are Wrong

In Training Magazine’s January/February 2013 issue, Consensus’ The Right Way to Tell Clients They Are Wrong article shares practical advice for resolving conflict. The Right Way to Tell a Client They’re Wrong I am a training manager who supports our organization’s [...]Read more
Training Magazine

Less Teaching More Learning

In Training Magazine’s July/August 2012 issue, Consensus’ Less Teaching More Learning article gives tips for engaging learners. Less Teaching…More Learning While I have been working in L&D for several years, the combination of a promotion and a consolidation now [...]Read more
Training Magazine

Hear Ye, Hear Ye

In Training Magazine’s January/February 2012 issue, Consensus’ Hear Ye, Hear Ye article shows how active listening is critical to success in a variety of professional roles. Hear Ye, Hear Ye With the economy slowly improving, my organization has finally reignited our [...]Read more
Training Magazine

Motivating Factors

In Training Magazine’s July/August 2011 issue, Consensus’ Motivating Factors article provides advice to managers on motivating employees. Motivating Factors I am a Training Manager supporting our organization’s largest business unit. Given the economy, we haven’t been [...]Read more
Training Magazine

Selling Value

In Training Magazine’s January/February 2011 issue, Consensus’ Selling Value article discusses how to help salespeople refrain from conceding on price to get the quick sale. Click here to download the article Selling Value How to train salespeople to stop conceding on [...]Read more

CBS MoneyWatch: Negotiating Pay

CBS MoneyWatch turns to Consensus partner, Michael Rosenthal, for expert advice on negotiating pay, in their article How to Get a Better Offer. Article: The signs of life in the job market are a little like Sunday morning in a fraternity house — yeah, we’re seeing some movement, [...]Read more

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