Negotiate Process

Negotiate Process All negotiations have two levels of negotiation going on at the same time – one over substance (the dollars, deliverables, scope of work, or whatever else is being discussed) and the other over process. The process refers to “how” we negotiate – the timing, the [...]Read more

Echoing Your Way to a Good Deal

Negotiation Tip: Echoing Your Way to a Good Deal Baseball is a game of inches, or so the saying goes. Whether a pitch is a strike or a ball, whether a hit is fair or foul, whether a runner is safe or out, is determined at the margins…by a matter of inches. In negotiation, the [...]Read more

Consensus Launches New Website

Consensus Launches New Website In an effort to better serve our clients and our website visitors, we have relaunched our website. Thus, in addition to sharing the various services we offer through our three service areas, we provide free advice and resources through our blog. Our [...]Read more

Focus on Contribution Instead of Blame

The project came in over budget. A deadline was missed. A critical piece of information was not incorporated into a client presentation. Things go wrong all the time. Naturally it’s important to talk about what went wrong so people can fix the mistake and make sure it’s not [...]Read more
Training Magazine

Engaging Training Participants

Engaging Training Participants In Training Magazine’s July/August 2014 issue, Consensus’ Engaging Training Participants article gives tips for engaging learners. Prior to transitioning from working in a business unit to a talent development function, I would enroll in [...]Read more
Training Magazine

Stepping Into Their Shoes

In Training Magazine’s January/February 2014 issue, Consensus’ Stepping Into Their Shoes article shares practical advice for resolving conflict. Stepping into their Shoes A lot of our training – from Emotional Intelligence to Consultative Selling – promotes the idea [...]Read more
Training Magazine

Constructive Criticism for Managers

In Training Magazine’s July/August 2013 issue, Consensus’ Constructive Criticism for Managers article provides tips for managing up. Constructive Criticism for Managers Our organization touts the value of “coaching up”, yet our employees find it difficult to give [...]Read more

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