Active Listening
in Remote Work Environments


Our Active Listening in Remote Work Environments virtual workshop helps any professional that conducts business remotely.

Listening tends to be passive exercise that we do without thinking. Active listening, on the other hand, can easily improve professional relationships and job performance.
Similarly, virtual platforms challenge even the best communicators.

Whether your professionals are in sales, management, or any other function, it’s essential that they consider information shared by others – be those clients, supervisors, colleagues, or other counterparts. Unfortunately, research shows that we remember only 25% to 50% of what we hear.

Developing active listening skills will help them better process messages shared by others and recall that information thereafter.

In this high-energy virtual course, participants learn how to overcome communication barriers, including how specific strategies and active-listening skills engage counterparts and yield high-quality communication.

In as little at sixty minutes, they learn how to enhance and maintain critical listening skills in virtual environments.

Like all of our virtual workshops, each Active Listening in Remote Work Environments workshop is customized to meet the specific challenges faced by your organization and your staff. Our virtual workshops are hands-on, combining theory with practice, using a mixture of lecture and exercises to drive the learning.

Learning Objectives:

• Learn the difference between active and passive listening
• Improve virtual communication and relationships with others
• Recognize the barriers to active listening, especially in remote communication
• Uncover hidden data, thoughts, values, and feelings
• Avoid argument and debate

Learning Components:

• Virtual Environments: A Breeding Ground for Passive Listening
• Learning Conversations: Always Be Curious
• Active Listening Skills: Inquiry, Summary, Acknowledgement
• Using inquiry to surface critical information
• Bridging: Tools for Building Rapport and Enhancing Relationships
• Activating Active-Listening Skills Online
• Application Exercise: Active Listening Skills in Action

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We also design and deliver fully-customized virtual training workshops that target your unique areas of focus and specific audience needs. Please contact us at (212) 391-8100 to learn more!

Ratings: (5,000+ participants)



“good/excellent program”


“subject-matter expertise”


“immediate job relevance”


Why do clients prefer Consensus virtual workshops?


Led by Field-Tested Professional Negotiators & Mediators

Proven Frameworks

Interactive Exercises

High Energy & Fun

Immediately Actionable

Bottom-Line Focused

Workshop Lengths:
1 hour to multiple days

The Practitioner Advantage


Each member of the Consensus team has more than fifteen years of field experience, working on behalf of clients as their negotiators and mediators. As practitioners, we routinely test and apply cutting edge strategies and theories as part of our various client situations, ranging from hostage situations to billion-dollar business transactions to political standoffs.

Accordingly, we are highly informed about the strengths inherent to different approaches and frameworks, and how various theoretical concepts would or would not apply to your contexts. Our practitioner experience translates into more concrete advice based on firsthand experience, a true understanding of how theories play out in the real world (and when popular ideas would fall short), and an ability to relate to professionals at all levels of seniority – including members of your C-suite.

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