Mentoring & Coaching

Our Mentoring & Coaching workshop is a great resource for any people-manager.

If performed well, the benefits of managers and leaders providing regular mentoring and coaching to junior professionals are profound, and certainly transcend the “feel good” factor.

These include:

Increased Productivity

Mentees often learn new skills, avoid mistakes, and gain the confidence to undertake stretch assignments which enables them to be more productive. In a recent survey, mentees said they believed their productivity had improved as a result of mentoring; 48% believed they had had more than a 50% improvement in productivity.

Reduced Attrition

Competition for talent can be fierce, and it can be challenging and costly to retain talent. The cost of replacing staff can be up to five times an employee’s annual wages if they choose to leave the organization.

Not only does mentoring-coaching signal to job candidates that your organization is dedicated to their ongoing development, but it builds loyalty and increases job satisfaction, thereby boosting retention. Studies show that professional that receive mentorship and coaching are half as likely as their peers to consider leaving their organization.

Improved Talent Management

Senior managers gain a deep and personal understanding of their employees, positioning them to make better decisions regarding assigning work, as well as identifying best performers (and high potential employees).

Better Communication & Corporate Culture

Communication silos can cost money through misallocation of resources, inefficiencies, and failure to leverage internal successes and economies of scale. Good Mentoring programs increase both the quality and the quantity of communication across internal boundaries.
Similarly, mentoring and coaching by leaders who embody the values and behaviors your organization wants to promote creates a positive cycle of role modelling.

Your corporate culture is reinforced, and any (cultural) changes are accelerated.

Increased Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The mutual deep and personal understanding that mentors and mentees develop breaks down cultural, ethnic, and gender barriers that can lead to talent blindness. This helps leaders identify talent from a broader, more diverse pool.

In our Mentoring & Coaching workshops, your leaders learn practical and actionable tools for integrating mentoring-coaching into their regular people-management activities. Through a mix of fun, interactive exercises and discussions within a high-energy learning environment, they learn how to effectively support and challenge their staff through coaching and mentoring.

Learning Objectives:

• Mentor and coach staff successfully
• Transform the mindset around what it takes to be an effective mentor-coach
• Develop strategies and skills for coaching and mentoring employees

Learning Objectives:

• Embracing the business case for mentoring and coaching
• Understanding thinking preferences
• Adopting strategies to support employees
• Adopting strategies to challenge employees
• Actively listening
• Using the GROW Coaching Model

Mentoring & Coaching workshop

Ratings: (5,000+ participants)



“good/excellent program”


“subject-matter expertise”


“immediate job relevance”


Why do clients prefer Consensus leadership development workshops?


Customized for your audience

Integrated coaching

Diverse topics

Audience-specific case-studies

Role-play simulations

High energy & fun

Immediately actionable

Bottom-line focused

Workshop Lengths
1-2 Days
(stand-alone program or
within Learning Journey)

Here’s how a Leadership Learning Journey works:

1. After discussing your goals for the initiative, we assess what improvement opportunities exist on the group level and on individual-participant bases. This includes structured interviews with stakeholders and participants, as well as personality and motivation testing.
2. We review our assessment results and proposed program design with you; we then integrate your feedback into a final design. Similarly, we create development plans with coachees and collectively share those plans with their managers.
3. We deliver a series of customized skill-building workshops, complemented by one-on-one coaching sessions to your participants; the number, length and duration of coaching sessions are tailored to meet individual needs.
4. Throughout, we track results against the goals and opportunities defined at the outset, and fine-tune accordingly; we conduct post-coaching assessments and jointly explore ongoing development goals with you
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