Collaborative Decision-Making


One’s ability to collaborate with colleagues is essential to their professional success, as well as to the organization’s success.

Yet, often people bring very different perspectives and opinions to the table. In those situations, they can feel pressed to choose between (i) pushing hard for their position and risking damage to their reputation and to the relationship with their counterpart and (ii) conceding to something that they don’t agree with in order to protect their reputation and the relationship with the other side.

Our Collaborative Decision-Making workshop provides a solution.

In this fun and engaging workshop, participants learn a proven framework for bridging differences through collaborative decision-making. They learn skills for surfacing underlying motivators and identifying creative solutions, as well as tools for problem-solving and formulating mutually-agreeable decisions.

Participants see concepts come alive during a variety interactive exercises and case-studies, including role-place simulations that capture the types of challenges they face at your organization.

Learning Objectives:

• Avoid and resolve tension using a collaborative problem-solving framework
• Protect important relationships despite differences with colleagues
• Understand how to respond to opposition in order to move things forward
• Reconcile different ideas and perspectives
• Jointly identify the best solution for the situation

Learning Components:

• Understanding underlying motivators
• Surfacing hidden motivators
• Presenting your ideas without provoking a negative reaction
• Adopting a collaborative decision-making process
• Identifying objective factors to inform a joint decision

Decision-Making workshop

Why do clients prefer Consensus leadership workshops?


Customized for your audience

Integrated coaching

Diverse topics

Audience-specific case-studies

Role-play simulations

High energy & fun

Immediately actionable

Bottom-line focused

Program Lengths:
1 workshop to 8 months

Here’s how a Leadership Learning Journey works:

1. After discussing your goals for the initiative, we assess what improvement opportunities exist on the group level and on individual-participant bases. This includes structured interviews with stakeholders and participants, as well as personality and motivation testing.
2. We review our assessment results and proposed program design with you; we then integrate your feedback into a final design. Similarly, we create development plans with coachees and collectively share those plans with their managers.
3. We deliver a series of customized skill-building workshops, complemented by one-on-one coaching sessions to your participants; the number, length and duration of coaching sessions are tailored to meet individual needs.
4. Throughout, we track results against the goals and opportunities defined at the outset, and fine-tune accordingly; we conduct post-coaching assessments and jointly explore ongoing development goals with you
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