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The Consensus Global Network is a business-opportunity program designed to help independent trainers and training organizations grow your sales by linking your business to a recognized global leader in the Talent Development industry.

You receive everything you need to deliver our two flagship workshops – Maximizing Value through Collaborative Negotiation and Having Challenging Conversations – including your participation in our live train-the-trainer course. We have delivered these workshops to thousands of participants within leading companies and across six continents.

You continue to enjoy all of the freedoms of running your own business while capitalizing on the benefits associated with additional course offerings, referral commissions, and a global organization based at the center of international business –
Times Square, New York City.


Enjoy the many benefits of joining the Consensus Global Network

New Clients

When you join the Consensus Global Network, you join an organization with more than 20 years of history of working with many of the world’s leading companies across most industries. You become part of a global organization that is headquartered in the business capital of the world, and that has built a reputation for being a thought leader and best-in-class provider for negotiation and communication skills training.

You will find that, through your membership in our Global Network, Consensus’ reputation and track record will help you gain access to new and more elite clients that prefer to do business with established vendors that have a history of success with other prominent organizations.

Similarly, your membership provides you with everything you need to market and deliver two workshops that are in high demand by client organizations of all sizes. By expanding your service portfolio, you will appeal to a broader audience, and will be seen as a more comprehensive provider.

Richer Client Relationships

Adding high-impact workshops to your service portfolio will not only help you access new client relationships, but they also will help you leverage the client relationships you already enjoy.

Also, by joining our Global Network of talented trainers, you will be better positioned to help your clients enjoy a consistent solution that can be deployed across their global footprint. You will be seen as a valued learning partner instead of simply as a local provider.



Marketing Support

Your membership will also give you the marketing support you need to build your business.

We will create and maintain a Consensus Global Network webpage for your territory that includes your contact information and that can be translated into your local language. We will provide you with personalized Consensus Global Network business cards that link your business to our New York headquarters. And, we will provide you with professionally designed collateral materials that will support your business development efforts.

Furthermore, Consensus reinvests 50% of the fees we collect by channeling it into marketing efforts designed to help build the Consensus Global Network brand and to drive business to you. This is done both on the international and local levels, and includes conventional marketing campaigns such as trade shows exhibits, print advertising, and event sponsorship, as well as online campaigns such as search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), and social media initiatives.

Profit from Referrals

The Global Network includes a referral program in which the referring member enjoys a 20% commission on first year revenues derived from any referral they make to headquarters or to fellow members.

This encourages other members to refer potential business to you – some of their global client organizations might want training in your territory. Conversely, by referring business to them, you create another revenue stream for your own business.



How Does It Work?


Once you make the decision to join, we will sign an agreement that gives you an exclusive,
one-year license to represent our Global Network in your territory.

You then will join fellow members from around the world at a one-week train-the-trainer program held in New York City,
in which you will learn the ins and outs of delivering our two, flagship workshops:
Maximizing Value through Collaborative Negotiation and Having Challenging Conversations.

In the years that follow, you will have the option of renewing your license and
continuing to reap all of the benefits that your Global Network membership provides you.

How is this different from a franchise?

Unlike a franchise, the Consensus Global Network business-opportunity
is designed to allow you to maintain full-control of your business.

First, you will continue to operate under your company name that you worked so hard to build.
You will still make all of the decisions for your business.

Second, you will continue to choose what service-products you offer
the Consensus Global Network workshops will simply augment your services menu…they
are not meant to replace non-competitive offerings you provide.

Third, you make all of the pricing decisions for your territory.
After all, it’s your business, they’re your clients, and you know how to best meet meet
your shared and respective needs and objectives.

Last, and most important, there are no royalty payments
you will not have to share your sales or revenue with us.

What do you get?

• An exclusive territory – you will be the only Global Network provider in your territory
• Participation in a five-day train-the-trainer program that prepares you to deliver Consensus’ flagship training workshops, Maximizing Value through Collaborative Negotiation and Having Challenging Conversations
• Cutting edge training materials
• Inclusion in advertising and marketing campaigns – 50% of annual licensing fees are contractually earmarked for marketing
• Promotion at international trade shows such as the Training Conference & Expo, the ATD International Conference, and the SHRM Annual Conference
• A dedicated, country-specific Global Network webpage
• Business cards that connect you to our Times Square, New York headquarters
• License to use the Consensus Global Network logo in your marketing
• Ongoing support from Consensus’ headquarters in New York

Contact us

Contact us to learn more about how joining the Consensus Global Network can help your business.
(212) 391-8100


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